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Scottish Printing

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To Celebrate Five Hundred Years of Scottish Printing 1507-1509

The idea, conceived because Scotland has two possible dates to offer for the quincentenary of printing in Scotland and because the Press missed out their 2007 New Year's offering, was to assign two years to this 2007 New Year Booklet making it serve as both 13 (2007) & 15 (2009). Thus, although it was published in April of 2008, it is: To Greet the New Year 2009.


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The booklet includes short essays on the first printers/publishers, Walter Chepman and Androw Myllar; the eighteenth-century chapman, printer and journalist Douglas Graham, and a poem 'Autolycus and the Swallows' about the importance of the coming of the first chapman of the spring. All are illustrated with old woodcuts and engravings, including the first printers' pressmark used in Scotland.

220 x 137 mm, 16 + [2] p. 12 point Scotch type machine-cast by Harry McIntoch and printed on Zerkall paper. Three line-block reproductions: two early woodcuts and one wood engraving. Sewn into a patterned paper wrapper using Curwen paper designed by Margaret Calkin James. Presswork by Graham Moss & Marnie Parsons of Running the Goat, St John’s Newfoundland, binding by Kathy Whalen. Jointly published by Incline Press & Running the Goat 2007-2009. Completed in April 2008. Edition of about 250 unnumbered copies.