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Summer is Bustling In

Our Summer Events are starting this Sunday (20 May 2018) with the St Bride Wayzegoose. We have other plans as well, Shipley Waysgoose on the 9th June and Leeds Print Fair the same day, when Alice Smith of Bracketpress will be running our table, then the House of Illustration’s Summer Fair on Saturday 30 June when we will also visit their new Enid Marx exhibition. We’ve done some Marco-related printing for their shop, if you are in the neighbourhood.

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Elizabeth at Eighty

While creating a keepsake for the recent exhibition at Ditchling, I realised that this is the eightieth anniversary of the Elizabeth typeface being completely available from the Bauer Foundry in Frankfurt.

A celebratory book was called for, so I turned to Pauline Paucker’s excellent New Borders, which we published in 1999 for some detalis of her life. We have a few sizes of Elizabeth type, a few of our 1999 magnesium plates and sourced some of her original Curwen patterned papers. The result is Elizabeth at Eighty offered at a pre-publication price until the end of June.

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