Unsolicited Testimonial

Unsolicited Testimonial

from 18.00

Printed in the tercentenary of the births of Benjamin Franklin & John Baskerville

We've printed the only survival of the correspondence between John Baskerville, the Englishman whose eponymous typeface is still treasured today, and Benjamin Franklin the American statesman, inventor, writer and, of course, printer. This is a fragment of a letter Ben Franklin wrote to Baskerville when Franklin was living in London and working as a printer. In it he expresses admiration for Baskerville's new typeface and refutes what he calls 'the prejudice' against it among those more accustomed to Caslon's typeface.

Two full-page type specimens of Baskerville and Caslon types allow you to make your own comparisons.

A single-section booklet of 8 pages with a 10 x 6 inch page size. The paper is Zerkall, the type Monotype Baskerville (of course), and the whole is sewn into a stiff card wrapper.

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