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Poems by Ray Greenblatt, with a three-colour linocut illustration by Bert Eastman.

Light illuminates the minutia of daily life in Ray Greenblatt's poems. Or, as he writes in 'Smallest':

                                   ... one tattered
            cobweb caught in that corner
    catching somehow some holy light.

Whether he is looking at a middle-aged poet running out of luck or a leap-year child, Greenblatt glories in that 'holy light'. Indeed, in his universe a poem takes its place in the heavens, its momentary light revealing its own truth:

But a poem is a moment
a bolt, a zap-peer
quantum small to see
it lives by its own rules--
crane up at the sky
light pauses for you
to read what has just been said.

We thought these poems deserved special treatment, so we selected hand-made paper imported from India, purchased new founts of 16 point Weiss Italic type from the Bauer Foundry in Barcelona Spain for hand setting, and asked Bert Eastman to make us a tri-tone linocut after a marble relief of the sun in the Archaeological Museum at Bergama in Turkey. Beyond that, the poems are reliant on their language for adornment and illustration.

The tri-fold leaves are sewn into an unglued binding with golden Irish linen thread onto yellow ribbons which tie to keep the book closed. It is then slipped into an archival manilla chemise with a title-label. The edition is limited to 100 copies.

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