Random Recipes, or Eat, Print & Be Merry

Random Recipes, or Eat, Print & Be Merry

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To Greet the New Year 2010

"I commend joy, for we have no better thing under the sun than to eat, print, and be merry"

Food is always welcome, and so this booklet full of recipes feeds both our good humour and our bodies.  Random recipes in that they are not intended to represent anything more than a haphazard collection of stuffs we enjoy. Random, too, in honour of the slant-topped cabinet of typecases, at which we set this booklet. 

Although the colophon says it's our fifteenth New Year Booklet, this sixteenth offering is as full of the joys of the season as the others. It includes seven recipes, each with the tale of where it came from, nine random illustrations, including illustrations of randoms, one of which is above, two tipped-in labels, and a gift tag to accompany the recipe for Cheese Straws. 

This 17-page booklet is hand-set in Perpetua italic, sewn into a stiff card wrapper and measures 8.5 x 4.75 inches. The edition has been printed on Zerkall Butten from John Purcell Paper in an edition of about 250 copies of which 120 have gone to friends and subscribers to the press, and the remaining 130 are for sale.

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