Pangur Ban

Pangur Ban

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A poem is an excellent type specimen

Written in the margins of a 9th-century manuscript, the poem Pangur Ban describes the relationship between an Irish monk and his cat. Our version of the book features two linocuts by Philippa Threlfall and a handsome showing of the dramatic Samson uncial typeface.

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The poem was hand-set in the unusual uncial typeface Samson designed by Victor Hammer. The title page also displays Rudolf Koch's Neuland Inline -- we like the fact that Koch's son Paul cut the matrices for Samson in 1930. Both founts came from Dale Guild Type Foundry in the USA.

Philippa Threlfall, who made the linocut illustrations, is an artist and muralist who started the wonderful Black Dog Tiles in the Cathedral Town of Wells.  Now that she has retired her son continues the good work in his workshop in Bath. Black Dog Tiles may be bought in Manchester from Bud Garden Centre!

Once again we have called upon our friend Bill Severson, whose annual trip to Oldham in 2010 included the making of this custom-designed paste paper especially for the boards of the book. All copies have been hand sewn and cased here at the Press by Bill and Graham.

The book is a single section of eight leaves of Velin Arches, cased in board covered with Bill Severson's paste paper with a cloth spine (11 1/2 x 7 1/4 inches). A title label is pasted to the spine. The numbered edition is somewhat less than 200 copies.