Peggy Angus: Influence & Inspiration

Peggy Angus: Influence & Inspiration

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A collection of essays by Diana Hall, Katherine Morris, Philippa Threlfall, Carolyn Trant and Barry Viney

Peggy Angus's belief that art could be found in everyday items pervaded her life and work. Floor tiles, wallpaper, party invitations and children's toys, a birthday cake or a political cartoon, all were enhanced by her love of colour, design and craft. One of Peggy's greatest legacies is the number of artists and craft workers who became artists through her inspiration. When we published Art for Life, we heard from friends and the children of friends who trace their enthusiasm for creating art directly back to Peggy. This exhibition, and its accompanying catalogue, takes as its inspiration the many of letters, emails and telephone calls we received after telling Peggy's story.

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Four artists who acknowledge Peggy's influence and inspiration in their own work contributed work for an exhibition curated by Incline Press at St Bride Library in London from 15 November to 15 December 2005. Their works were interspersed with examples of Peggy's own tile designs, wall papers, and sketch books: Encaustic tiles from Diana Hall, wall paper from Katherine Morris, terra-cotta relief tiles and ceramic murals from Philippa Threlfall from Black Dog of Wells, and artist's books by Carolyn Trant, the author of Art for Life, who works under the name Parvenu Press,

This 24-page illustrated booklet, printed and sewn into a stiff card cover at Incline Press, accompanied the exhibition. Peggy Angus: Influence and Inspiration contains essays written by the four artists recollecting Peggy and her influence on their art, and a fifth essay by the educator Barry Viney in which he describes how he learned to make wall paper under Peggy's watchful eye.

Printed on 90gsm Fabriano Ingres in 10 Monotype Bembo, and bound in a stiff card cover with a Carolyn Trant illustration on the cover.