Garden Relicts

Garden Relicts

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garden, n.;

1 a place of public resort; 
2 a plot of land used for the cultivation of flowers; vegetables, &c. 
adj; of, suitable to, or used in a garden

relict, n.;

1 a thing that has survived from an earlier time;
2 a surviving trace, remains, remnants, residue; 
3 the widow of a man

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Bert & Molly Eastman gardened in the heavy clay of their East Anglian home for half a century, and in that time the goodness of the earth repaid their toil many times over. As a cottage garden it was a bountiful source of food and flowers. A different sort of sustenance came from the objects, both pre-historical and more recent, that were turned up incidentally. These formed the basis of the family 'house museum' and are the subject of this book.

As with their gardening, creating this book was a joint effort. While Molly held the pen and Bert the knife, each looksed over the other's shoulder, making this a thoroughly integrated collaboration.

The volume is 167 x 230 mm (landscape) with 23 leaves. It is hand set in 24 point Bembo italic and printed on Magnani paper. Fifteen prints, a mix of copper relief etchings and linocuts were created by Bert Eastman. The book is bound in a stab-sewn binding with cloth hinges and an original Curwen patterned paper designed by Elizabeth Friedlander in an edition of less than 150 copies.