The Song of the Four Seasons by Austin Dobson

The Song of the Four Seasons by Austin Dobson

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Illustrations by Eduard Ege. To Greet the New Year 2011

In our seventeenth New Year Booklet, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter are personified in four illustrations to accompany Victorian poet Austin Dobson's paean to the seasons. Dobson enjoyed creating an 18th-century spirit in his work, and this love song evokes a pastoral lightness.

The illustrations are by Eduard Ege. In addition to his four lovely cuts, two of his fleurons grace the title-page and the colophon. They were all made for the Genzsch & Heyse Type Foundry in 1921.

The book is fourteen pages, 8 x 4 1/2 inches.have been hand-set in Monotype Walbaum, roman and italic. Old Dutch, from the Dale Guild Type Foundry, has been used on the title page. The forty-five copies for subscribers were printed on Velin Arches and wrapped in a Lovat Fraser patterned paper, the remaining hundred and fifty were printed on Magnani Velata Avorio with a patterned paper wrapperand and were for sale.


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