Elizabeth at Eighty

Elizabeth at Eighty

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Published to celebrate the eightieth anniversary of Elizabeth Friedlander’s typeface issued by the Bauer Type Foundry, this book uses some of the information from Pauline Paucker’s majestic New Borders: The Working Life of Elizabeth Friedlander to sketch the story of her working life from beginning as a calligrapher in Berlin to her exile, first in Italy and then in England, and her work for leading lights in the world of books and graphic design, Ellic Howe, Francis Meynell, Penguin, among many others. As a book, New Borders was a feast; this book serves as an taste of her many different talents, her elegant typeface, now digitally available from BauerTypes, her Monotype borders and Curwen patterned papers, still a visual inspiration for all.

Elizabeth at Eighty is 175 x 120 mm. and 24 pages. Printed from original Elizabeth metal type, on Wookey Hole paper that was made by hand back when E*F was still alive, the book includes five double-page samples of original Friedlander Curwen Paper, seven illustrations, and two type-specimens of Elizabeth, roman and italic. The text uses various sizes of Elizabeth, roman and italic. Each copy is bound in one of her Curwen papers. The edition of less than 120 copies.

Some type was damaged in the making of this book! If you look closely at these photos of the text you will see that there are some broken letters. This was caused by slubs in the hand made paper.

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