The Christmas Pudding by Marcel Theroux

The Christmas Pudding by Marcel Theroux

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To Greet the New Year 2019

Our 25th New Year Booklet is a collaboration with our good friends Christian Brett and Alice Smith of Bracket Press who commissioned Marcel’s short story about a RAF mechanic surviving as a POW in the Thai jungle. His idea: to make a christmas pudding from their rations and other foraged bits and pieces in order to raise moral. The result: an unforgetable Christmas day.

Alice Smith designed the artwork for our small offering. Bracketpress typeset the text using a digital face based on Miller & Richard’s Number 7, a classic mid-19th-century design. It was printed here at Incline from mag plates made at PLG Repro in Leeds. About 325 were printed to fit into a DL envelope and were sold as designed by Christian Brett. The Incline edition, which is of 125 copies, has a variant title page and front cover, and is slightly larger at 7 pages and 8 1/4 x 5 inches. Most of the Incline copies went to our Subscribers and other friends of the Press, but we have about ten copies for sale to our regular customers.

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