Walking 'Round Cambridge with William Blake

Walking 'Round Cambridge with William Blake

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Auguries of Innocence illustrated with drawings of Cambridge street scenes by Rose Harries.

William Blake's Auguries of Innocence is not an easy text, for despite the nursery-rhyme simplicity of couplets like: 'A robin red breast in a cage/Puts all heaven in a rage', the moral world he created is a difficult place to try to inhabit, even if only while reading. Like any of the great works of poetry, every reading reveals new shades of meaning.

Rose Harries was a stranger to Blake's couplets until 2007 when we asked her to spend some time with Blake and his Auguries, walking the streets of Cambridge with a sketchbook, fitting her impressions of the poem with the modern scenes of street-life. Not surprisingly, her line drawings open the text in a new way, prompting the reader to a fresh view of a complex masterpiece. Although these street scenes could be almost anywhere, those familiar with the haunts and byways of this city will be particularly amused and charmed.

Walking Round Cambridge with William Blake is hand set in 18 point Baskerville and printed on Zerkall paper in black text with dark red illustrations. Fifty-two pages bound in quarter cloth and decorated paper over boards, the book is 10 3/4 x 7 1/2 inches.

This is another great text for binders: four sections, with end papers included.

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