Bank Holiday Monday


Emma Balch, she who organised the wayzegoose at Hay-on-Wye in the Story of Books shop, is busy. She is the producer of the play Unicorns, Almost by Owen Sheers that is in production at The Swan in Hay. With Bank Holiday weekend coming up, Kathy and I are sloping off and will be in the audience for the 8:00 showing this coming Sunday. You’ll find details here, and can book a ticket at the online Box Office.

The play concerns the short life of the poet and soldier Keith Douglas, killed on the third day of the Normandy invasion. As part of the production, we were invited to design and print one of his poems, 'Simplify me when I’m dead', which is given as a parting gift to each member of the audience. As ought to be well enough known, Incline Press does not do jobbing printing, but this is so like what we enjoy doing anyway, we could not resist. Emma is no taskmaster, so producing something appropriate was completely up to us.


Bank Holiday Monday at 11:45, Nick Bell will be in the Story of Books at 20 Castle Street in Hay talking about designing for the show, and Graham shall follow him talking about the choices involved in making this broadsheet. How do we get from the blank sheet to the text; what types to use and why; how is the poem best served by the design (or if you prefer, how can the design be made to serve the poem); can colour help and where does it come from. It’s an informal gathering for the interested, so if you are free, do email Emma and join us if you can.

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We had a business meeting recently to talk about GDPR and its ramifications for this blog and the website. Consequently, we have written our Cookie Policy and updated our Privacy Policy (both are appropriately illustrated!)

We use MailChimp to send messages to those of you who have signed up to be told via email when there is a new post. Cut and run whenever you like. Unfortunately, Red slept through the meeting and only woke up at the end. He thinks GDPR stands for Good Dog Petting Regime, and so it went through on the nod. Those who are still signed up, should receive a notice in a couple of days.

And so it goes.

Graham Moss